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"At the start of 2019, I told myself, "I need more of something in my career, but I don't know what yet".  It really was because of you and your workshops that I gained the confidence to think outside the box.  My entire frame of "self value" has shifted, and I feel like my whole life is changing because of it."

Marie Rose
CEO, Shoreline Wild Salmon

Laura Khalil is known as the FORCE OF BADASSERY. She combines teaching the habit of courage and proven business know-how to help women achieve breakthroughs in their careers and rise.

A two-time entrepreneur working with Fortune 500 companies, Laura's programs and coaching encompass real-life experience navigating complex organizational structures. Combined with science-backed research in emotional intelligence, neurobiology and communication, Laura helps women become leaders, make more money and have people knocking down their door with opportunities.

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