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"At the start of 2019, I told myself, "I need more of something in my career, but I don't know what yet".  It really was because of you and your workshops that I gained the confidence to think outside the box.  My entire frame of "self value" has shifted, and I feel like my whole life is changing because of it."

Marie Rose
CEO, Shoreline Wild Salmon

Laura Khalil is known as the FORCE OF BADASSERY. She is a mindset coach who combines her experience in human behavior, mythology, Jungian psychology and Eastern philosophy to help clients finally unlock what is holding them back and experience personal breakthroughs.

Laura helps clients face their greatest fears and past challenges as rocket fuel to propel them forward. Her clients have gone onto lead organizations, double their income, quit the life that's keeping them trapped and cut off so they can step into the fullest expression of themselves.

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