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Brave by Design combines mindset and actionable strategy to address what's blocking your personal and professional growth so you can rise and thrive. Hear from business experts, thought leaders and more on how to live well and lead well.

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Breaking Old Money Rules with Chris Kenney

April 14, 2021

“I started to realize I have a choice to make here, I can actually be a person that succeeds in spi…


Manifesting and Intuition for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs with Laura Michelle Powers

April 7, 2021

“I think what a lot of people do is they try to step up [to manifest something] and maybe they don’…


The Link Between Perfectionism and Loneliness with Buck Dodson

March 31, 2021

“When we are substituting accomplishment and getting things done for our deeper needs of connection…


How to be an Authentic Communicator (in Your Personal and Professional Life) with Anthony Hayes

March 24, 2021

“In order to be an authentic communicator, to be heard and to get to the point you have to be willi…


Embracing Selfishness (yes, really) with Naketa Thigpen

March 17, 2021

“Stick with the definition [of selfish] if you want. If you want to say that it’s to fill your ego …


The Power of LinkedIn with Brenda Meller

March 10, 2021

“If you’re not looking for a job, stop making your LinkedIn profile look like a resume. Nobody care…