I teach women how to say no, speak up for themselves and become beautifully confident. 

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Meet Laura Khalil

I help women achieve incredible success in their careers and lives. 

I struggled in the corporate world for years, before starting my own consulting business. That's when I realized that all the traits that had penalized me as an individual contributor were actually my greatest assets as a leader!

You don't need to change yourself to be successful. 

If you feel like you keep hitting a wall (or glass ceiling), I'll show you how to leverage who you are to build influence with the right people and power over your life to do the incredible things I know you're capable of sharing with the world.

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Marie Rose

At the start of the year I told myself, "I need more of something in my career, but i don't know what yet." It was really because of you and your workshops that I gained the confidence to think outside of the box. My entire frame of "self value" has shifted, and I feel like my whole life is changing because of it."

Ayana King

If you're serious about building your business, building and improving professional relationships, or building your self-confidence, you'll want to work with Laura. I love her casual, cool, yet completely professional approach - and you will too! Thanks for the expert advice, Laura! Already putting some of those pointers into action.