Press Appearances

February 2021, Growing Design, Landing Bigger Clients w/Laura Khalil

January 2021, Detour Detroit, 13 Detroit Podcasts to Binge Right Now

January 2021, Women Really Mean Business, The Mindset to Be Successful with Laura Khalil

January 2021, The New York Times, Sex and Dating During COVID-19

November 2020, The Cackle from Entrypoint, Building a Stronger Community After Election Day

October 2020, Connect to Success, Laura Khalil of Brave by Design

October 2020, Credit Suite, How to Transform into a Badass Leader with Laura Khalil

September 2020, Professional Chronicles with Patricia Kathleen, Talking with Laura Khalil

August 2020, Craft of Consulting, Cultivating a Habit of Courage as a Consultant

August 2020, HR Matters, Writing Your Own Badass Story with Laura Khalil

August 2020, Brad Marley's Podcast, Why You Need a Solid Foundation in Self-Worth

July 2020, Daily Detroit, Tips for Businesses Navigating the Ongoing Coronavirus Crisis

June 2020, Business Unveiled Podcast, Brave by Design with Laura Khalil

June 2020, Leadership Happy Hour, Become a force of badassery with Laura Khalil

June 2020, Frenzied to Financial Freedom, Turning Feedback Into Fuel to Drive Toward Success

June 2020, Disrupt Now Podcast, How to Use Challenges as Rocket Fuel

May 2020, Women Building Wealth, How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome to be a True Leader 

April 2020, Reimagining Leadership, How to Make Courage a Habit with Laura Khalil

April 2020, High Income Business Writing, Laura Khalil On How Women Can Muster The Confidence To Go After Bigger And Better Clients

April 2020, Finding Brave, Key Shifts To Help You Turn Crisis Into Opportunity

April 2020, The NextFem Podcast Closing the Leadership Gap for Women in Business

March 2020, Her Success Story, Staying True to Yourself and Your Values in Business with Laura Khalil

March 2020, Voice America, How to Advance Your Career in the Face of Bias with Laura Khalil

March 2020, OSSA Collective, Mind of a Mentor Episode #93: Laura Khalil, Host of Brave by Design

February 2020, Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business, How to Create Clear and Kind Boundaries with Laura Khalil (Podcast)

January 2020, Her Best F***ing Life, Laura Khalil: Being a strong, confident and resilient women in business (Podcast)

January 2020, IPSE, #BeYourOwnBoss with Laura Khalil (Video)

November 2019, Dames Collective, Q & A with Leadership Coach Laura Khalil

July 2019, Fox 2 News, The Detroit Writing Room, a haven from noise and distraction to hone your literary skills

June 2019, Cronicle Press, Behind The Scenes Intermitten 2019: The Conference For Changemakers

June 2019, Medium, Being a Changemaker

June 2019, Mint Artist’s Guide, Great Questions for Creative Verbal Self-Defense.

May 2019, Impact Michigan, Stepping Into Your Power with Laura Khalil

March 2019, Lady Bondo, Women’s History Month: Women’s Empowerment Champion

March 2019, Strategic Community Partners, Women in Leadership

February 2019, Daily Detroit, Verbal Defense Workshop (audio interview, starts at minute 10:55)

February 2019, Corp! Magazine, Looking to learn to speak up for yourself at work? Try this workshop

February 2019, Metromode, “Metro Detroit speaker on why women need to build verbal self-defense skills”

January 2019, Detroit Free Press “Economy is booming, yet middle-class American workers still struggling”

July 2018, IT in the D, Episode 255 "All Women Lineup Showcases Creative Collaboration, Community at Intermitten 2018"

June 2018, WXYZ "Midwest Tech Leaders Talk Diversity and Community at Intermitten 2018"

March 2018, Speaker Showcase Intermitten 2018

March 2018, Laura Khalil on Courage Creative Mornings

March 2018, Interview with Laura Khalil Part 1 and Part 2 Bamboo Detroit